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Terms  1 - 4



Acrylic Painting

This paint workshop is designed to unlock your creativity. For beginners and intermediate artists who wish to learn how to get the most out of this medium. Students will be introduced to key techniques, looking at colours, composition and basics for applying paint to several surfaces.


Learn the basic techniques that apply to almost any mosaic project. Design your own plaque and transfer to scale your own design.


English conversation

Practice speaking and listening to Kiwi English in pairs and small groups. Learn about Kiwi idioms, discuss topical news and events. Improve your pronunciation and confidence to speak English.

English for the workplace

Prepare yourself to impress your potential employer. Course covers: C.V. writing, interview skills and preparation and email etiquette. Put your best foot forward. Small group sessions are used to deliver this course.


Preparation for IELTS general 

Practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking is covered to prepare to pass the General Module. Students will need to have an intermediate level of English competency to take this course.








English tuition in Auckland








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