The Tuition Centre

The Hub - Royal Oak Education Centre for After-School and Evening Classes

Our philosophy at the Auckland based Eductation Centre and Tuition Centre is that children learn best by using a variety of methods. We instruct students in small learning groups of up to 5 students. This promotes positive role modeling, allows for individualised development and purposeful interaction with the tutor. Children are then able to reinforce maths or language skills using computer technology. We use senior, high achieving students to assist children using computer aided learning and all our tutors and teachers are experienced New Zealand qualified teachers. 

All academic programmes are overseen by registered New Zealand qualified teachers.




Benefits of studying at our Tuition and Education centre allows students to:


  • gain more confidence and new experiences
  • reinforce their school topics of study and learning
  • enjoy and progress further in a subject area
  • extend and further advancement in a topic or interest
  • learn and study in a positive learning environment


Art tuition Auckland


Make an Enquiry - Maths help, guitar lessons, ukulele classes, English tuition, art lessons, healthy living and fitness classes for kids.  Please let us know how we could be of assistance.




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